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Courtney Love gets rehab!

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Courtney gets rehab! Just look at can just tell she's an addict!
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Drug treatment for Courtney Love
Judge: 'Further consequences' at September sentencing

Friday, August 19, 2005; Posted: 2:46 p.m. EDT (18:46 GMT)

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Courtney Love tearfully admitted using drugs in violation of her probation terms Friday. The rocker-actress was ordered into a 28-day drug treatment program by a judge who said he had wanted to put her in jail.

"I think that you need to hit rock bottom before you make a decision about what you're going to do in the future," Superior Court Judge Rand Rubin told the sobbing Love.

She was in court for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance, which wasn't identified.

Love's voice cracked as she said, "Yes, your honor," when asked by Rubin if she understood she was admitting to three probation violations. She is on probation in three separate cases.

The 41-year-old Love was told to enter a drug treatment facility by the end of the day. Her attorney, Howard Weitzman, wouldn't disclose the name of the facility or whether it was a lock-down program.

The judge ordered her back to court September 16 for sentencing on the probation violations.

"There will be sentencing and some further consequences at that time," Rubin said. "I think you either need a long-term drug program or a long term in County Jail."

Outside court, Weitzman said Love had had a relapse but will "deal with it."

"She's serious. She's sincere. And she's pretty tenacious about getting her life in order." Weitzman said. The lawyer explained Love had violated terms of probation in one case but that "if you violate in one you violate in all."

Love, the former lead singer for the band Hole and the widow of Kurt Cobain, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge on February 10. She was already on probation in two unrelated drug cases.

Earlier this month, the judge issued a bench warrant for Love's arrest, but he agreed to hold it pending Friday's hearing.

At a red carpet event this month, Love said: "I'm clean and sober for over a year and no one seems to care! They're like, 'Oh, her dramatic weight gain.' So, stop making fun of me!"

In July, a judge praised the singer for making progress in a court-ordered drug treatment program. The treatment is tied to a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance in 2003 when police alleged she tried to break into a former boyfriend's home.
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I don't think the Dept of Children and Family Services is a good place for any child...Perhaps you should apply for a foster care certificate and see what is involved before you suggest yanking a kid from its home...Actually, until you have taken in and helped raise a foster child, and have a clue about what you are advocating, you should SSShhuussshhh... :wink: Been there, done that, more than once...wife is licensed Guardian Ad litem in State of Florida and Illinois :whistle:
itgirl25 said:
what are you saying bee? that a house filled with drugs is the better environment for a child? :scratch:

Who said the house was filled with drugs??? Who said there are any drugs around the child at any time?? She failed a drug test, she didn't get caught with "weight", she wasn't arrested for possession, she failed a drug test, something many people would do daily if do we go through and rip every family apart because of failed drug test?? I have been intimately involved with DCFS for nearly 10 years in more than one State as licensed Foster care and Guardian ad Litem and unless you know the system and how it works, you cannot understand. As for being a parent, I have been a parent longer than you Hooters, so I guess that makes me better??? Just the act of giving birth doesn't qualify anyone as expert or better then anyone else, so you need to get down off that cross...there are other parents on this forum who are raising their children just fine without your supervision...when you raise one to adulthood and then stop by their house to visit and find your 25 year old dead in his bed, then you come talk to me about parenting and second guessing yourself, and wondering what you did wrong, or where did you fail, or why did it happen? Until you take a child in who won't come within an arms reach of you because they were constantly smacked around, and get her to come jump on the sofa and give you a big hug or the child who would sneak into the kitchen to hoard food in her bedroom because she had been denied food as a punishment, and was waiting for you to do it too...Until you are willing to come to the aid of, and restore the trust of one of these little people who have been ripped from the only family they have ever should follow Grandpa's advice... :dthumb:
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hooters_on_two_wheel said:
Ummmmm whos on a high horse now....get over yourself and drink a few :beer: :beer: and :chill: the h*ll out!!!!

I stand by what I said...I wouldnt have a child in that situation....and I would remove the child from that home....if she has lost her child the first time because of this kind of lifestyle....and I think the court systems failed this poor child by putting her back into the same household, when drugs apparently are.

I would remove the child again...but this time I would place the child into a home where she can be safe and be raised RIGHT, instead of there being any kind on illegal substance around.....thats NOT a life for a child to be around....

And where are you going to find this home to place her in??? You are missing the entire point of my "high horse" post...How many people do YOU know who take in foster care children??? Do You??? Do your friends in the BMW crowd take in "those people's children"? No, most of the people involved in Foster care are people who are struggling to raise their own families, but they have enough love in their hearts to take on a troubled child. Most people in the upper socio-economic circles, can't be bothered. Most children who end up in Foster care are traumatized and emotionally unstable. So they bring a complete stranger who is angry, hurt, scared and confused to your door and drop them off. This is not summer camp, I've seen foster children placed in homes that literally tore the house up, broke all the windows and even ripped the wallpaper off the walls. I've also seen girls place into foster care that have been used as sex toys and passed around like a sex slave...Don't believe me...ask ShanMan...when he was a LEO, how many families did he report to DCFS, and what conditions did he see? And every time he had to place the call to child welfare, the first question asked was, "Where are we going to put them?" So why don't you get active in the Guardian ad Litem program?? I believe they have a version of it in Indiana. You are quick to tell us how to solve the problem, unless of course, we show up on your doorstep with a child...
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Don't be on the side...get involved and get dirty...The number 1 problem with DCFS right now is they have no place to put their can go through some classes and get trained and licensed for short or long term housing...they especially need short term care, for the kids they yank on the spot when on a call. What do you think happens to a kid when they are yanked, they go to a hotel, or to juvenile hall? They need homes where they can take a child that day/night where they can be fed, cleaned, dressed, hugged and reassured they are somebody and they are important. They need to be housed until the "machine" can cycle back around and assess the child/situation and determine what the long term solution is. There is a shortage of places to put children...especially siblings...who do you know that, with 30 minutes notice, would take in 2 or more children, brothers and sisters, and take care of them, besides their own family, until a long term answer is found??? It is really easy to sit on the sidelines and comment and say you are all for is another story to act...
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Think about this...what happens to your children if you and your husband are killed in an accident?? Do you have the safety net prepared?...or do your children end up at my house?...or worse? You can say you are helping by raising your children "properly" but what happens to them if you aren't there?? Now if you get involved in the system, you will meet some of the finest people on the planet along with the scum...and maybe, one of the good ones will step up to take them and they won't end up with the others...Not all of the children in foster care are there because their parents were drug swilling felons...
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