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would you buy cowl sliders

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cowl sliders

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has anyone ever seen or heard of cowl sliders? I haven't heard or seen them. I'm talking about the area next to the headlights that always hits the ground if your bike goes down. I sent an e-mail to speedwerks about this possibly becoming a new product, if not already. I'm thinking it should be like an adhesive type thing that will just stick on with no drilling. By putting them on you won't have to worry about your cowl getting scraped. It will be one less thing you have to buy if you go down. Cheap but effective. I would like to know if you would buy a pair. I'm thinking they will be made to match whatever factory paint job you have, or carbon fiber or something like that. It's just an idwa I had. Let me know if you've heard of them or not. Laters
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Hey people, I'm seriously thinking about creating this product so the more votes I get the easier it will make for me to decide if I want to or not. VOTE VOTE VOTE. :cheers:
Just buy an undertail exhaust system. :lol: Good point guys, THIS IS THE FEEDBACK i WAS HOPING TO GET.
Bump. There's a lot more people here now so I thought I'd bump this. You can thank ebbs15's heated blade post.

I did some looking into it. It cost too much to develop it...for me anyway.

Sorry. The poll is closed, though.
Well, my bike has been down twice alrerady and the cowl hasn't cracked. The sliders would be fairly cheap. I mean, most of us have frame sliders, but the plastixcs still get damaged. Yes, I know they're there to protect the frame mostly. Spend like 30 bucks on something that might help isn't taking too much of a risk. The exhaust sliders would be real cool, but the extra "layers" would mean that the pipe has less to travel to come in contact w/ the ground and might mess up soething up front, like the header or something. I don't know. I just got my CRG roll-a-click levers in and I'm gonna go test fit 'em at the shop.
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