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Crash-Pads review

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Ever since reading about the Crash Pad products in the official review section, I've been itching to try out some of the products mentioned. Since snowboarding season is coming up, I finally went ahead and ordered the 6100 jacket ($195) and the 2500 short ($80). To clarify, the main purpose of these two pieces of gear will be used while snowboarding as opposed to moto riding (even though I think it'd work better worn under leather jacket & pants).

I think ShanMan's review is pretty spot on. I'll add some of my 1st impression right now and come back next week for a more thorough review after my snowboarding trip this weekend.

The Goods:
-not restrictive (the jacket & pant is very thin so it doesn't restrict my movements at all)
-seems to work great if worn under motorcycle jackets & pants (for both leather & textile)
-seems to make of the material that would absorb sweats
-Easy to put on and off

The Bads:
-Very thin paddings (this would be ok as a complement to riding gears but I have no confidence on how much protection it'd provide me if worn under normal clothing)
-The padding seems to be made of very thin and cheapy foam (I don't know how much impact protection it'd provide)
-Contrarary to some of the site's claim about the gear's abrasion resistant material, I don't think they'd last very long base on how thin the materials are)
-No warranty
-No return policy (you're outta luck if you don't like it)

Once again, this is only a first glance impression of the gears. I purchased these two pieces of gears mainly for snowboarding purpose and I must say that I am very disappointed with the level of impact protection it seems to provide. Otherwise, I think it'd work nice as additional secondary protection for moto riding. I'll be providing more insight & pictures after my first snowboarding trip this weekend.
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Samurai_Jack said:
I've been lurking. Seems like you guys have taken care of all the questions around here and I usually don't have much to add anyway.

Btw, another Negative about the crash pads... There are no warranty and no return policy for the product so in my case, I'm stuck with the "gears" even though I have strong urge to return them and get something that's better padded.
EBay them with a minimum bid.
I looked them over at my local dealer and had similar feelings. Ill pass on this gear for me buts its still better than nothing.
:iagree: That extra time might be the difference in sliding 20 ft. instead of 10 ft. but that's 10 ft. that your skin wouldn't be in contact. Hence, better than nothing.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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