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Here's how it went down..and no, its not me..WHEW!!!

1st, the pickup in right lane try to pass the rider, who was already in left lane. He changed lanes abruptly and almost hit the rider. So he yells at him. Then, he returned to the right lane. After the 6th and last bike passes, he returned behind him and started to accelerate. The 1st 4 bikes (this rider was 3rd) was already far in front. So the last 2 bikes start to accelarte to distance him. They reach something like 160km/h. But the bastard followed. The last bikes decelerate to 110 km/h approx, but the pickup accelerate and hit the last bike. It was no accident. Base on witness, the truck intentionnaly accelerated to hit the bike.

The bike was stuck in front bumber. When the truck stopped,the riders friend get off his bike and started to punch the ****ing idiot.

The police arrived, they cuffed the bastard., took all the notes from the accident. Then they left the guys go. But not in his truck!

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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