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neverendingproject said:
no, i got very very lucky. was wearin shorts, sandals, tank top and no lid. if i woulda been wearin jeans and shoes , prolly woulda been fine.
the bike on the other hand is gonna make me pay for that mistake. not sure what the damage is gonna cost me, still waiting for prices.
WOW, guy, I guess the posts about throttle control on the yamaha thread didn't help. :shock: Maybe this time we should go for that bolt on bolt off wheelie bar. Also, if for no other reason, you'll find that doing crash claims sucks, because they generally take 4-6 weeks ( :mad: )at most dealers.....

Not wearin the gear definately doesn't help. You end up lookin like :ack: !I've been down before and the survival w/o the pain is all in the gear. Jeans, gloves, helmet, jacket are a must at any time. Then maybe leather pants as well. Just a few pointers...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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