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Cruise...going on one and would like some input

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Looking to book a cruise for February. Still throwing around a couple of ideas but would like to hear from those that have been on them and what company they went through, where it left from, where it went too....etc etc and also how was the experience.
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double2000r6 said:
Chev - My fiancee told me about some club that is like $90 that you can get sweet deals on and pay for the cruise / vacation later - I can get you some info if you are interested..
Interested...hook a brother up!
bumblebee said:
The cruise line is need to check out the boat. Cruise ships are not registered in the US and are not subject to our inspections and sanitation laws...that is why you read every year of outbreaks on cruise ships. I have been on several cruises and have been around the industry for many years and all I can say is find the boat and check it out.
How do I know which boats are good and bad??
desmo900rider said:
I have been on 2, one Eastern Carribien, and one Southern I think...Celebrity was really nice, it is Royal Carribien's "white glove" cruise line, and I also went on one that was just Rayal Carribien, the Celebrity was mush nicer, I like the ones the have as many stops as possible, being stuck on the boat for too long blows...give me a call and I can give you more details if you want...
do they have rooms with bean bags!!!!!!!!!???? (sorry, inside joke).
BikesR4Girls said:
you might could get a spring break deal since that's around that time too...don't know if you're interested or not...

is that your baby in your avatar?
The prices seem to be really good for when we're going so that's a plus.

And yes, that is my son in the avatar......almost 8 months old now.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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