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My Experience with Cryo parts...

Hey JK,
I don't have any Cryo parts on my bike, but I did just install a Cryo treated Diff. in my 'Vette. I was previously running a Non Cryo diff. (DTE built 4.10's) however, after an improperly installed Diff Girdle, they went south, and DTE warrantied the old gears and installed the new Cryo treated set. DTE does not sell any diff parts that are not Cryo treated any more, as thier policy is, nothing outlasts/survives as well as the Cryo treated parts ! The new gears are whisper quiet, and I all ready have 100 miles on them, trying to get the recomended 300 mile break-in done so I can go to the track ! Later,

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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