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CSI: Miami

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I for the very first time watched it last night and Carrie did as well with me. I have seen commericals for it and it just never appeled to me. It came on and i started watching it and WOW :eek: This is a pretty good show. I think I just found a new show I like. Hooked after one show. :dthumb:
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I think these shows are rediculous...For example, CSI Miami, Where have you ever seen a CSI driving a Hummer H2 as a city police car?? COME ON!!

Not to mention that these investigations, they don't take that little amount of time... they are interesting, but their just not very believable...
It is just not as easy as they make it! Every scene change is a HUGE advance in the investigation. I'm with ya, on not wanting a 3 hour show but it is just too corny for my taste!
Yeah, that show died quickly and the reruns went to USA in the same season...
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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