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CTSmoto's custom rear rotors

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What do you think?

More info can be found on the MotoWizard page, but you can either buy a newly resurfaced rotor, or send in your rotor for machining.
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Yeah not sure if it actually performs like a true wave rotor.

If it does, then it would definately ROCK!
Well if BK, would log back on, he could tell us more about it!
Why would you say that Chev? Is wave rotors all that different... of coarse I don't know what this site is doing. If they are just cutting them, then yes I could jump on the warp rotor bus....
CTSmoto said:
Hello all,

Just found this site. Very nice......

If anyone has any questions about the rotors or any of our other parts please contact me directly. I am the owner of CTSmoto

Mike, please see comments above on the integrity of those custom cut rotors... we would like to have your input on them...
Chev, the question then is... if you had them in your hands...would you put them on your 7R?
I could sell sex..could I be a supporting vendor then? :D :lol:

Seriously, what does TWF members get from this supporting vendor... a standard __% off or what?
I understand that!
jeeps84 said:
:welcome: to TWF CTSmoto.
Looks like you have some really great products.:dthumb:
:welcome: :scratch: Jeeps...they're a Supporting Vendor!! :lol:

....dang newbie mods.... :D
No doubt... and they definately make some good lookin stuff!!!
1 - 9 of 26 Posts
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