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Cute new Ladies gear from Power Trip

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A couple weeks ago, I saw an ad for a new jacket by Power Trip in 2 Wheel Tuner. I fell in love with it, and searched everywhere and couldn't find it anywhere. As of today, they've finally updated their site with the new designs.

Previously, it seemed Power Trip catered more to the cruiser/Harley market, and didn't have much in the way of cute/younger designs... but they've really come up with some cute stuff... feminine designs in black, white and red (minimal pink and no baby blue). All in all, there's 5 new jacket styles for '06.

Though I haven't seen any of them in person yet, the silouhettes look to be a bit longer/leaner, so they'll have good lower-back coverage; most seem to have CE protectors, and those little things that look like garters danging off them? Nuh uh... those are straps to loop around your belt to keep your jacket down when you ride (or God forbid, if you were to go sliding).

"Stiletto" is on my MUST BUY list (in the black/red).... "She Devil" is also nice (same design, but in leather).

Check it out!

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Gas Man said:
Yeah I bough the wife one of their jackets... as you can see here!

Its very nice and seems to have some good quality too! I just wish it was made state side!
Yeha I'd seen that Vintage one before, and it is nice... I'd actually wear that as a casual jacket when NOT on the bike, just cus it's cut so nicely.

Drats... where are they made? Ah well.... can't help what ya like. Regardless of where it's made, I know I'll end up buying it.
I don't mind all the pink and blue, but it's not "me." I like black, red, gray, white.... and occasionally, Kawi Green. I wear tons of pink IRL, but just have no desire to have pink gear. *shrug* So yeah, it's nice to see some more neutral/stronger color choices in women's gear.
There was actually a HUGE long debate on another forum I'm on (in the ladies area) where the question was posed, "Do you think girls who wear blue/pink or otherwise obviously feminine gear are attention whores?" I was amazed how many girls said YES! Personally, I don't care what colro your gear is so long as you're WEARING it. It could be psychedelic patchwork for all I care! :lol:
Mojo said:
It's also taken them a while to figure out that women aren't shaped like men! The power trip line is actually designed *by* women.
LMAO.... why on earth did it take them a long time to figure THAT out?

Ah well.... at least they finally did. And the results look great!! I can't wait to try it on in person... I'm hoping SOMEONE at Bike Week will have this stuff.
Rae250 said:
I am really liking that JR jacket, the dark pink, black and white looks great and the back coverage looks incredible, I have real problem finding a jacket that covers my back end when I lean forward so thats really important to me...any ideas aside from that one?
I'm not sure which JR Jacket you're referring to, but if you mean Trixie (the new leather one) I can personally vouch for it -- it's WONDERFUL.

It does have good backside coverage - the back tapers into a long V, so there's no panty-peek. :dthumb:

And the leather is soooo wonderfully soft, it didn't take ANY time to break in. I think I blabbed on and on about it in another thread on here, but if that's the jacket you're considering, and you want more info, just shoot me a PM.

Ok, I have some price info on some of the jackets:

MSRP on Stiletto (mesh) is $159

MSRP on She Devil (textile) is $219

Check with your local dealer.... the shop I contacted in Daytona (The Helmet Shop) does so much volume, their prices are much lower ($129 on Stiletto, and $179 on She Devil).
I'm heading down Saturday to pick out mine (I think I'll get Stiletto, but also looking at She Devil), so I'll let you know how it looks in person if they have that one in stock (I'll try to sneak some pics of it if I can). :dthumb:
Ok, so we get to Helmet Shop, and *pout* my Stiletto accidentally got sold (they had gotten TWO shipments in last week, but being bike week, they FLEW through the new stuff).

Did try on the She Devil..... :drool Awesome jacket. Construction seemed very sturdy, fit was perfect, and the details are so cute!! She Devil (the textile) comes with a quilted nylon vest liner (zip out), while Stiletto (mesh) comes with a lightweight (like a windbreaker) liner.

They also had Vamp, and some of the new men's styles.... all of them were really sharp looking, and felt well-armoured.

We took some pics in She Devil, and I'll take some more in Stiletto after it gets here Thursday (they're shipping it to me for free due to the error, and I got a couple ball caps out of the deal :citadel).

Here's the front....

Here's the back....

Here's the side.....

Here's the sleeve -- zipper on the TOP of the sleeve -- :thumb

Interior detail

Interior detail


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MP3 player pocket

ID pocket

Patch on sleeve

Devil girl on back (outlined in reflective piping)

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It was here when I got home last night! YAY!!

First things first, I LOVE it. It's wonderful.... VERY well made, and just feels more substantial than my Joe Rocket Pheonix (which, coincidentally, I gave away to a friend's girlfriend last night, when I learned she wasn't wearing any "real" gear other than a helmet).

The armour in this thing is GREAT... the spine protector is every bit as thick/sturdy as the after-market one Chris bought for his Alpinestars jacket. It's literally about 3/4" to 1" thick, and HARD, but still flexible enough to be comfortable. The cuffs are lined with a soft fabric (like a brushed miscrosuede almost) and the collar is a rounded padded neoprene (very comfy!)

There are tons of adjustments at the waist and hip (elastic goring, an expansion zipper, and 3 rows of snaps) to get just the perfect fit.

My only complaint about it is it's not very long. It's about as long as the Joe Rocket Phoenix (and I'm probably spoiled by my Trixie, which has GREAT lower back coverage). BUT, I wasn't wearing a belt last night, so I didn't try out the belt "garters." It might well be better with that secured. I'll let ya'll know. :thumb

I wore it last night, with the liner in.... It was cool(ish) here (mid 50's on our way home, and a little breezy at the beach), and I was plenty comfortable with the liner in. I thought it would only be a vest liner, but it's a full long sleeved liner, with lots of snaps/secure points, so it doesn't feel all bunchy under the jacket.

I got MORE compliments on that jacket last night at bike night, though... everyone (guys, too) just loves it (and were all impressed it's as protective as it is cute!) :)

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jeeps84 said:
Loving the lill bows on the belt gator.
:lol: I didn't actually ride with them down and flappin' (but they are super cute). Just unsnapped 'em for the pics. :dthumb:
jeeps84 said:
I would imagine they would be a PITA literally.:lol:
Yeah, they'd be like teeny little floggers, all the way home! (NOT that I would know anything about flogging.... *tee hee*)
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