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Cute new Ladies gear from Power Trip

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A couple weeks ago, I saw an ad for a new jacket by Power Trip in 2 Wheel Tuner. I fell in love with it, and searched everywhere and couldn't find it anywhere. As of today, they've finally updated their site with the new designs.

Previously, it seemed Power Trip catered more to the cruiser/Harley market, and didn't have much in the way of cute/younger designs... but they've really come up with some cute stuff... feminine designs in black, white and red (minimal pink and no baby blue). All in all, there's 5 new jacket styles for '06.

Though I haven't seen any of them in person yet, the silouhettes look to be a bit longer/leaner, so they'll have good lower-back coverage; most seem to have CE protectors, and those little things that look like garters danging off them? Nuh uh... those are straps to loop around your belt to keep your jacket down when you ride (or God forbid, if you were to go sliding).

"Stiletto" is on my MUST BUY list (in the black/red).... "She Devil" is also nice (same design, but in leather).

Check it out!

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itgirl25 said:
pretty cute stuff. and i'm glad to see the absence of pastels. i mean, can't a girl flatter her figure and match her bike all at the same time? pretty soon i am gonna hafta go and have my colors done to see what season i am, in order to buy the most flattering gear. puhleez, i am a girl, but i am not girly by any means. :dthumb:

I had a conversation with our Sullivans rep about women's gear yesterday, as we really want to carry an extensive women's line. His (true) statement was that most women don't care about matching the bike (how many bikes so you see designed for a woman?), they want to look good when they get *off* of the bike. It's taken the gear companies quite a while to figure that out. It's also taken them a while to figure out that women aren't shaped like men! The power trip line is actually designed *by* women.

BTW- Power Trip is Joe Rocket.
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