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Darwin award of the month! Maybe all of 2005.

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Here's the link. This kid is a dumb ass! Hey :here: kid. For the last four years people have been getting killed there. Crap I spent nine months there and I pray to god I never have to go back.

So I think this kid should get the Darwin award for at least the month of December.
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Captain Morgan said:
You know, I've sat in a tent and drank tea with Kuwaiti's too. But you sure as hell wouldn't see me taking a trip to Iraq right now. This should be shown to every teenager just to point out they don't know half of what is going on in the world. But it won't matter because part of being a teenager is learning lessons the hard way. How much better would this society be if we could all actually LEARN from someone else's mistakes instead of always trying something because we didn't believe the outcome is real? What if we had all actually listened to our parents when they said, "I've been there; trust me, you don't want to do that?" I bet that this kids children won't listen to him either, if he actually makes it to parenthood.

Dollars to donuts, when this kid gets back; Katie Couric will have him on the Today show....and after he makes the rounds of talk shows, somebody will want to buy the movie rights, and this little stinker won't have learned anything; except that if he screws up and a bunch of people (US military and State, bet he flies back on military transport; that means we foot the bill for his stupidity)have to cover his ass and clean up his mess; he gets the attention.

Saw an interview with his mommy...said his SAT scores were top 1%.....kid's got no smarts, though.

It's a pity that they'll let him breed.......:bonk:
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