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Day One: Let the withdrawls begin

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Its a sad day for us race fans. No more races until Daytona bike week. :cry:

Oh well, it was a good year. Rossi dominated again, Mladin dominated again, and Troy Corser owned WSBK. I suspect all 3 of them will have a much more challenging year next year. Nicky and Marco will give Vale heartburn, and there will be some new young'ns to watch out for (when they are getting lapped). Updated Honda's and guys on some wierd Green things will be giving Mladin intestinal pain. I don't think Suzuki will have the machine advantage over the rest of the pack in WSBK next year.

:cheers: Here's to a long wait to find out!
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it was good to see Corser up front again. i watched him since his aprilia days. Im excited to see the big kawi mixing it up next year and see how much Ben Spies improves. Also theres the usual GP drama. heres to next year :cheers:
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