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Dealer wrecks your bike?

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Ok, let me start off with you are never going to believe this, but some of you might have experience with this sort of thing so who knows. My brother brought his Katana in for service since it is under warranty. Well his bike was prestine and takes great pride in never dropping a bike. When he went to get it back today he noticed a bunch of scratches and a screw loose on the windshield. As he examined the bike more he found that the engine cover was scraped up and the fairing had been broken and some other things. His bike is not but a year old. He said it looked like it was dropped at slow speed or just from getting knocked over. They also left a small garage door opener on his key chain like someone had taken it home for the night and forgot to get their opener off his key chain. They have offered to replace all the damage parts, but that doesn't really give him any piece of mind that he can no longer sell his bike with the tag "never been dropped." He was seriously considering selling his bike in the next few weeks to get a GSX-R 600 too. Is their any alternative to just having them replace the parts or is that all he can do without seeking legal action?

I will try to get pics soon, but I am tired from work and don't feel like going out tonight.
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WTF!?!??!?!?!?!?!!! I'd be livid!
can you go in the back and watch them do the work on your bike? That would make me feel better. $%^%$#^%$ never get things right....
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