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Dealer wrecks your bike?

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Ok, let me start off with you are never going to believe this, but some of you might have experience with this sort of thing so who knows. My brother brought his Katana in for service since it is under warranty. Well his bike was prestine and takes great pride in never dropping a bike. When he went to get it back today he noticed a bunch of scratches and a screw loose on the windshield. As he examined the bike more he found that the engine cover was scraped up and the fairing had been broken and some other things. His bike is not but a year old. He said it looked like it was dropped at slow speed or just from getting knocked over. They also left a small garage door opener on his key chain like someone had taken it home for the night and forgot to get their opener off his key chain. They have offered to replace all the damage parts, but that doesn't really give him any piece of mind that he can no longer sell his bike with the tag "never been dropped." He was seriously considering selling his bike in the next few weeks to get a GSX-R 600 too. Is their any alternative to just having them replace the parts or is that all he can do without seeking legal action?

I will try to get pics soon, but I am tired from work and don't feel like going out tonight.
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ahh man that is nuts Vol. That is probably all he is going to get out of them just replacing the damaged parts. I can't see anything else happening unless he took legal action. i would suggest they replace those parts, then give him ONE HELL of a deal on a new Gixxer 600.

This is just why I don't take any of my vehicles to get serviced...I just don't trust any techs anymore....I have my reasons...too many screw ups.

:damn: it's not even my bike and I'm pissed off about this. :cursin: this is total :wbs:
ne1469 said:
:iagree: Id tell them replace with new bike or get new bike at dealer cost or well below dealer cost or Ill sue your A$$e$
Being aggresive towards the dealership at first isn't a good idea, he should try to handle it in a professional manner at first, then see where it leads to from there.
jeeps84 said:
All they are obligated to do is, Fix any damage you can prove happened while vehicle was in their care. It doesn't matter how old or new it is.
The fact that they are willing to fix damages already is a good sign. I've had major battles over scratched rims from tire changes in the past. Its not fun when they deny responsibility.
If he is ready to buy new now. He might want to consider offering to trade his bike with damage for a better deal on a new one.
If he is not ready to buy. Let them fix the bike. Look for the little things like scratches on the pegs, leavers, bar ends, shifter, break pedal and mirrors. If all that is good. He can still claim he has never dropped or damaged the bike.
He probably signed some waiver in the paper work saying they are not held responsible for any damage or something.
Maybe larryg can shed some light on the subject since he's the general manager of a bike shop. Send him a PM and see what he thinks they should do.
slam150 said:
if they fix the bike thats good, if they decide to give you a big deal on another bike, thats even better.
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