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"Death rate in overdrive for older motorcyclists"

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Lots of baby boomers and middle-aged Americans like the 38-year-old Cullinan are getting motorcycles, whether to recapture their lost youth or pull through some kind of midlife crisis.

And now, as a result, riders 40 and over are accounting for an alarming number of motorcycling deaths.

Safety experts suspect older riders with a lot of disposable income are buying more machine than their aging, out-of-practice bodies can handle.

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I'm well over 40, but I've been riding continuously since 71. They used to say that you will have an accident in your first six months or during your 17th year of riding. The first six months because you are inexperienced, and your 17th year because you get blase.

I wonder if it is like skiing. You go to the slope and see the six-year old zooming down the hill. You figure if she can do it, so can I. You don't realize that she had lessons and practiced on the bunny slope before hitting the expert slope.

These older riders just need to admit that they need some expert instruction. I saw that the local MSF course is looking for instructors. But even with over 100K miles of street and backroad riding, I still feel I need more practice.
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