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"Death rate in overdrive for older motorcyclists"

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Link to CNN

Lots of baby boomers and middle-aged Americans like the 38-year-old Cullinan are getting motorcycles, whether to recapture their lost youth or pull through some kind of midlife crisis.

And now, as a result, riders 40 and over are accounting for an alarming number of motorcycling deaths.

Safety experts suspect older riders with a lot of disposable income are buying more machine than their aging, out-of-practice bodies can handle.

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I practice every week...seriously, at least 2 times per week, you will find me in the publix or mall parking lot (always use a lot that is professionally swept/maintained) doing circles and figure 8's. I drag pegs doing as tight a circle as I can. I try to increase my speed every time. sometimes you can avoid a fall by being able to bob and weave around or away from trouble. Don't laugh until you can perform a figure 8 inside of 2 parking's not that easy and you will drag a peg or knee, you are over that far
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