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"Death rate in overdrive for older motorcyclists"

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Lots of baby boomers and middle-aged Americans like the 38-year-old Cullinan are getting motorcycles, whether to recapture their lost youth or pull through some kind of midlife crisis.

And now, as a result, riders 40 and over are accounting for an alarming number of motorcycling deaths.

Safety experts suspect older riders with a lot of disposable income are buying more machine than their aging, out-of-practice bodies can handle.

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Speedpup said:
Old bastards like me 52 have had the experience of riding things like a 69 Mach III in the corners and dragging every thing until it was ground off :lol: It's all judgement and awareness. I haven't had a bike in a while but I drive my track car and did years of offshore boat racing. I would ramp up in a month of riding to handle the R1 I want. I always drove like I was in a demolition debry and all were trying to hit me. My friend who is not geared to speed has said he wanted a bike. I told him you would be road kill the first week. He has no real experience riding. If you making a comeback it is different to start at an old age is different. I went to the NYC bike show Friday. I looked around and 85% looked or were 45+ with half being over 50 or they looked it. I see many of you kids :lol: riding with no protective gear :rant: and worst yet with unprotected passengers :screwy: The friend I went with is 60 and looking at a Honda ???? this thing was so big how could you call it a motorcycle? This thing looked like an aircraft carrier. I had a full race fairing on a 1975 Kaw 900 with some motor work for one of the original sportbikes on the road :lol: I always wanted to drive a chopper to see how they handle :skep: How could you escape a bad road situation with one of those machines? I have watch some of the links here with you guys sport riding where are the fast videos? :drool:

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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