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Decal Adhesive

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Does anybody know what in the hell kinda adhesive/glue they used to apply the decals on bikes these days...i mean, WTF!!!! :bonk: It took me 2 hours to get the adhesive off the back of the factory Katana decal on the side of my bike...I took the other side off yesterday, and it only took about 20 minutes...This one took 2 freekin hours, the decal came off and the adhesive was left behind..we tried, soap/water,Oops,and even small amounts of gasoline (which didnt hurt the finish at all).but didnt even begin to take off the gunk..then we finally were able to get it off w/ Goo Gone..took alot of scrubbing with rags, but it came off, with no damage to the finish.

New aftermarket decals look sweet as hell!!!

Just curious if anybody else has had that many issues trying to replace decals..UGH!!
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I'd never take my stick decals off, they look too c:cool: :cool: l.
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