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thrills said:
Hey piggie, thanks for asking. Not really much to report, he's in a "vegetative state" now. According to the blog site he is getting an improvement in his therapy because they are going to be able to sit him up to do it and that should help. They said he even made a groan noise. I personally heard him do that before and have seen him move his lips in a talking fashion as well but I dont know how much to read into all of that.

It breaks my heart, I pray every day for a miracle. It's in his hands and Gods now. No matter what I will love him until my last breath, and then into eternity. I cry a lot and pray more than I ever have before because no one ove known deserves to recover more than Keith.

we're still thinkin about him, all good thoughts and prayers out to him!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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