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Did I almost die riding the Yamaha Tracer 7 motorcycle ?
Riding from the Dolimite mountain range in Italy back to my hotel in Heiligenblut Austria.
The weather looked already pretty bad when I was leaving this morning but I did not let that stop me from using my little time I had on this trip as good as I could.
The rain turned these roads into little rivers and it took quite some energy out of me to keep focused on getting myself safe to my destination.
On the Italian highway this car with a trailer behind it overtook me with quite some speed, judging from my own speed at 110 kmh this car was driving 120 or 130 kmh.
About 20 seconds later I see the car slamming from left to right to left into the railing.
What was this driver thinking driving at that speed with a trailer in these weather conditions !?
If this would have happened beside me they would have taken me out and who knows how that would have ended.
I was quite shocked, I have not seen this happening a lot right in front of me in all the years I have been riding but after a quick sigarette to calm down I had to quickly continue
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