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Did I do right or was I lucky?

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Hey all, I've been chewing over my last ride home for a few days now as I like to go back over all my rides mentally to review what I did right/wrong/etc and I would like some input from the experienced riders here...

Scene: It's roughly 7pm and POURING rain as I'm coming down my normal road home. Almost exactly where I bring the bike up and exiting a long, left turn there was a patch of asphalt that when dry looks and acts identically to the rest of the road (@ 3ftx4ft rectangle) but when WET it becomes a slip 'n slide apparently. Anyway, as I came around the turn at around 30mph and right as I came up I felt the front tire push out slightly due to the wet surface. My reaction here (and this is what I'm curious on) was to lightly countersteer the push and IMMEDIATELY grab full clutch in order to get power off the rear wheel. My reasoning on that was that if the engine wasn't pushing the rear it would be less likely to skid out. Everything worked out fine but I am wondering if that was really a correct way of handling that situation or if there is a better way I could have done that.

Thanks All

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For loading the front tire think of it this way...

Get in your car... at a red light... punch the gas! What does the car do? It throws you back plants the rear tires and unloads the front... this is what you want in a rear drive car...

Now about 1k before the redline...come off the gas completely.... What does the car do? It lunges forward... therefore loading the front tires...

This is what Twisty is trying to explain... not only do you not want to load up the front tire but you also don't want to upset the bike!

Whether you did right or wrong... you made it out... and unless you think about this stuff now (off the bike) you'll always do what your expierence tells you to do!
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