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Did you ride today?

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I did. It's only supposed to be 102 today. I'll get to try out my coolvest evaporative cooling vest this afternoon. :coolsun:
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Only 102 Must be nice.

It poured down rain yesterday with flood watch and today it rained this morning. It is calling for rain still today and I still rode to work. I try to ride as much as poss. It is 70 right now with a 70% of showers. :) :)
Need4Speed750 said:
Yeah I got caught in the aformentioned rain yesterday...but hey, its all good..atleast I was riding and not being caged up...

trust me, I'll take rain in august any day, over sleet/ice in thats really BLECH! :shock:

You got stuck in the rain...LOL thats got to suck. I was driving in it and didn't like it. Sorry to hear that. :)
Big Kahuna said:
Come on Mojo,
I mean, who talks like this? :)

Mojo know this. :smilelol: Just kidding. :)
14funs750 said:
Don't let the rain scare ya. Just put your rain gear on and take the corners slow. Thats what I do

Right there...Hard Core rider. :) :bike: :)
And that hurts. Try hitting a bat going 70mph. Now that jars your head a bit. LOL
Need4Speed750 said:
what are you worried about things hitting your head for..theres nothing in there :lol:
i was waiting for you to say something about the jar head part. LOL :)
Me and Need4Speed went for a ride after I got off of work lastnight. The weather was nice and not a lot of cars out in the way. As we were going through town, we came up to one of the local cops. Sitting there at the red light I thought I would be stupid and ask if he wan't to race. To my surprise, he laughed and asked for a 2 mile head start. As we pulled off, we could see that he was driving slower to allow us to get out in front of him so we didn't have to go 25mph. Damn thats slow. This just shows that not all cops are the same and a pain in the a$$. But you do find one from time to time. LOL :)
A few years back I pulled up to a State Tropper and just joking asked if he would see how fast I can do a wheelie and he said sure. Light turns green and I'm up on one wheel. A few seconds after that I see lights. I'm thinking "damn, he told me I could".(LOL) As I bing it down and pull up to the light, he tells me that there is a local cop around the corner he saw earlier. There and behold, the local. No ticket that day. Hehehe Some are nice and some just look for reasons to give you a ticket. But something tells me that you were a pretty cool cop. :)
1 - 8 of 28 Posts
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