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Did you ride today?

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I did. It's only supposed to be 102 today. I'll get to try out my coolvest evaporative cooling vest this afternoon. :coolsun:
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GSXR750DJ said:
Only 102 Must be nice.

It poured down rain yesterday with flood watch and today it rained this morning. It is calling for rain still today and I still rode to work. I try to ride as much as poss. It is 70 right now with a 70% of showers. :) :)
Yeah I got caught in the aformentioned rain yesterday...but hey, its all good..atleast I was riding and not being caged up...

trust me, I'll take rain in august any day, over sleet/ice in thats really BLECH! :shock:
GSXR750DJ said:
You got stuck in the rain...LOL thats got to suck. I was driving in it and didn't like it. Sorry to hear that. :)

yeah, i can feel your empathy :yawn: you laugh all the way in your dry cage.. :smilelol:
Welcome dude :hi: post away and have fun :cheers:
GSXR750DJ said:
And that hurts. Try hitting a bat going 70mph. Now that jars your head a bit. LOL
what are you worried about things hitting your head for..theres nothing in there :lol:
GSXR750DJ said:
i was waiting for you to say something about the jar head part. LOL :)
well if the shoe fits..... :cheers:
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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