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DO THEY EXIST? Cant find long distance gas tank!

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I commute on an SV everyday to both jobs. miles-per-gallon is good but often i find myself hoping my gas will last me just a few more miles to work ontime or a gas station. Instead of planning ahead... i want a larger gas tank.

ive looked every where i could and nobody makes or mentions larger capacity gastanks for non-cruiser bikes. DO THEY EXIST? made of metal, carbonfiber, or yarn... i dont care because i cant find any at all. ANy help?
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Send an email or a PM to SpeedWerks. If it is out there...they will find it and get you a nice price on it. :dthumb:
Also...what kind of bike to you ride??
Need4Speed750 said:
he said an SV.. :lol:

Opps...kind of passed over that little piece of info. :)
Now those were some great ideas there MP. Thanks for the 411 on this. LOL Now have one more drink for me as well. :D
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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