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DO THEY EXIST? Cant find long distance gas tank!

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I commute on an SV everyday to both jobs. miles-per-gallon is good but often i find myself hoping my gas will last me just a few more miles to work ontime or a gas station. Instead of planning ahead... i want a larger gas tank.

ive looked every where i could and nobody makes or mentions larger capacity gastanks for non-cruiser bikes. DO THEY EXIST? made of metal, carbonfiber, or yarn... i dont care because i cant find any at all. ANy help?
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1. You ever think of a cage? Hmm.. Might be an idear
2. Try a 5 gallon plastic gas can bunged on the back - run a rubber clear hose to the tank (just please don't smoke)
3. Have an Amoco gas hauler follow you at all times so you can fill on the go like the jet fighters do
4. Buy another bike and park it around where you would run out of gas
5. U-Haul trailer with extra gas on it

Hope that helps. Now go get me a drink. I am getting thirsty.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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