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DO THEY EXIST? Cant find long distance gas tank!

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I commute on an SV everyday to both jobs. miles-per-gallon is good but often i find myself hoping my gas will last me just a few more miles to work ontime or a gas station. Instead of planning ahead... i want a larger gas tank.

ive looked every where i could and nobody makes or mentions larger capacity gastanks for non-cruiser bikes. DO THEY EXIST? made of metal, carbonfiber, or yarn... i dont care because i cant find any at all. ANy help?
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No Worries said:
I grew up not too long ago, when most everything was repaired not replaced. There used to be shoe repair, TV repair, and small appliance repair shops on almost every block. The drug stores had tube testers so everyone could try and repair their own TV's and radios. In that vein, why not make your own tank?
Ive thought long and hard about doing it myself. The more i look around, it seems it may be far less expensive to buy the tools and hammer it out myself. A valuable experince no doubt. Plus my welding skills can finally be used on myself! :dthumb: UNfortunately metal fabrication is on the no-no side of my apartment rules. I definately need to move or find a donor garage.

thanks for the link No Worries :seeya:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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