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As some of you might know, I adopted Harvey on Dec. 17, 2005 from Lexee's Legacy Animal Sanctuary located in Celina, Texas. The SPCA had placed 3 pages of photos and information showing rescuees who needed a home. I spotted Harvey and he stole my heart. :blueangel:

I have entered Harvey in a Photo Contest at 1-800 Pet Meds. We need your vote…

Harvey wishes to DONATE HIS WINNINGS to his friends at Lexee's Legacy, the shelter who loved him, fed him and protected him for 5 years.

Please click the link below and vote "10"...…..(You can ALSO vote for members of your family) :yesnod:

The winner with the most votes will receive $1000.00, which Harvey will present to his friends Lexee's Legacy ! :thumbs:​

Please visit Harvey’s old home at Harvey’s donation will provide his 80+ friends at Lexee’s Legacy with much needed items, supplies, food and medicine.

Harvey is a 7 years old, “Midget”, Saint Bernard mix. He was also considered a Special needs Dog as he is missing a back leg. :( It is my understanding that Harvey has been in a rescue or animal shelter / sanctuary for 5 years. I cannot for the world figure out why no one had adopted him, as he is so good natured, laid back, happy and loving. Harvey now has 2 sisters, Brandy (Rescue Lab) and Sybil (Bull Terrier). We are so lucky to have found him.

Thank you so much and if you can, would you please forward this to as many as you can? We would deeply appreciate it.

Sincerely, Paula and Harvey Hambrick
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