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Down in Tally

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Yo guys! this happened just a few blocks from my house...Another squid eats pavement...

Man critical after motorcycle crash:

A Tallahassee man is in critical condition after a Sunday afternoon crash at the intersection of Magnolia Drive and Park Avenue, said Sgt. Mark Omerod of the Tallahassee Police Department. Michael Geoghegan, 38, had not regained consciousness as of Sunday night, Omerod said. Geoghegan was driving a motorcycle north on Magnolia Drive at about 2 p.m. John Alikeman, 27, also of Tallahassee, was driving a Jeep Cherokee south on Magnolia and attempted to turn east onto Park Avenue when he collided with the motorcyclist. Geoghegan was not wearing a helmet. TPD's traffic-homicide unit was investigating the crash Sunday, Omerod said.
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Low said:

"When Will it stop..." people have to learn the hard way... which maybe too late...DA's :bthorse:
But it was in town!
No need to ware a helmet. :flush: :dupe:
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