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Need4Speed750 said:
Draggin Jeans Anybody got any input on them, as far as quality and effetiveness..anybody have them, wear them a regular basis while riding? Good/bad ?

You can get kevlar armor stitched in, etc. was debating on whether to pick up a pair or not.

I wear the Icon Recons almost everytime I ride, except for the one day I crash! :screwy: I am not with stupid, I am stupid. But back to the pants - I have not "road tested" them yet as in crashed in them but I think they are great pants - everything except the zipper that constantly falls down but then again easy access for this old skool pimp cuz pimpin' ain't easy but it's necessary.. As far as the draggins I did see them at Mid-Ohio and they looked and felt awesome - I was going to try a pair on but since I rode down there and was already overpacked I decided not to because if I bought them I would have to cart them or my recons. They did have a "demo" pair that some jackass slid down the freeway on his ass and they appear to be very effective - I am buying a pair over winter to try - I would recommend that you buy a pair of Draggins or Icons. Before you do get me a Johnnie Walker neat - DO IT!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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