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Driver Killed After Crash Off Bridge, Onto Freeway

Police Question Witness About What Happened

POSTED: 3:46 pm EST December 20, 2005
UPDATED: 6:40 pm EST December 20, 2005

DETROIT -- A woman who was trapped inside a Jeep after driving off an overpass and onto the Lodge freeway Tuesday afternoon has died, Local 4 reported.

The crash occurred just after 3 p.m. on the southbound Lodge freeway at the Outer Drive overpass, and not Wyoming as Local 4 initially reported. Witnesses said the Jeep was driving fast when it drove through a fence on the overpass and off the bridge, according to the station's reports.

Police are questioning a motorist who said he swerved to avoid the Jeep, and the woman swerved to avoid him, before she drove off the bridge, Local 4 reported.

The sport utility vehicle landed upside-down on the southbound lanes of the freeway.

Witness Linda Castleberry said the Jeep "flipped up in the air, like the movies."

Another witness, whose name was not available, said he heard the crash from three blocks away.

Emergency crews freed the woman from the Jeep using the Jaws of Life. She was transported to Sinai-Grace Hospital where she died, according to Local 4.

No other injuries were reported.

The southbound lanes of the freeway were closed while emergency crews remained at the scene, resulting in traffic delays during the afternoon commute. Delays were also reported on the northbound side of the freeway near the crash scene.

Police continue to investigate the cause of the crash.

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Video Coverage

Another news channel article on it:
Lodge Accident Claims Life of Mother
By Joe Mazan
Web produced by Christine Lasek
December 21, 2005

A horrible accident tied up traffic on the Lodge for hours Tuesday night. A mother of 4 died when her SUV plunged off the Outer Drive overpass and landed upside down on the freeway. According to witnesses, the woman was trying to avoid a collision.

Tuesday was a day that Bobby Farley will never forget. His wife of 18 years, Magdalena, lost her life as she was on her way to pick up one of their four children.

According to witnesses, Magdalena was trying to avoid an accident when her car slid over the rail of the Outer Drive overpass.

Rufus Crenshaw saw the whole thing, as Magdalena’s SUV broke through the guardrail and fence, dropped 20 feet, and landed upside down on the Lodge freeway.

"She couldn’t stop, and once she hit the curb, it bounced off of this snow embankment, bounced over to the wall and that railing, and pushed the fence off, and it’s like the fence was actually kind of holding it, and all of the sudden it dipped like that, and went straight down," Crenshaw explained.

Emergency crews tried to take Magdalena out of the vehicle and rush her to the hospital, but it was too late, and she died a short time later.

"If it weren’t for that fence, she would have been airborne, she would have went totally airborne," Crenshaw said. "And they wasn’t going that fast. Neither one of them was speeding, it was just to avoid an accident."

The driver of the other vehicle involved was questioned by police at the scene. He declined to comment for 7 Action News.

I heard that she was trying to avoid another accident when somebody else involved in that accident hit her car and pushed towards the fence. Then the fence failed and she went over...landing on the roof as you can see on the video... :yikes: :nonod: :angelhap:
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