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Dropped bike, strange behavior, weird noises

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I was riding today when I stopped at a local store about 3 miles away from my house. When I stopped, I tried to kick the stand down but my foot got caught or something and the bike started to lean over. I've never dropped it before and I caught it before it hit the ground. I was holding it up, but it was way too far over to pull back up so I tried as gently as I could to lay it down.

Everything was very gentle and I pulled the bike back up and I couldn't see any scratches or anything. As far as dropping it goes, it seems like it went pretty well. So, without thinking of the condition of the engine I went in and bought a few pieces of hardware I needed and came back out. But when I tried to start the bike again it was really tring hard but wouldn't turn over or whatever. Eventually I could feel it "catching" so I gave it some gas and it started well but when I let off it just died again. So I put on the choke and started it again but the same thing was happening so I had to keep giving it some throttle until after about 10 seconds it started to warm or something and caught again.

Everything seemed OK when I headed back home except for it starting to rain but when I slowed to a stop light, I could hear that the bike was acting like the clutch wasn't in even though the lever was fully depressed (the actual lever didn't touch the ground when I dropped it). It died when I came to a stop. I started it up again with the same technique as at the store but now it sounded all gutteral and low like a big cruiser! I looked and all the parts were still there but it just sounded like there was no muffling going on whatsoever. When I took off it felt extremely underpowered and I had to rev it pretty high just to take off.

So now I'm home, soaking wet, with a sore back and a weird bike... Anybody know what's wrong?

Thanks in advance
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I'm thinkin,since you dropped it on that side... you hit the clutch lever and pushed it so it's now loose and NOT disengaging correctly...if there was a float that opened and gas flooded it would flow out the overflow hoses...if there was somehow too much in the cyl. it would go into hydrostatic lock and would NOT crank...
Dude...check the clutch cable for being TOO LOOSE/TOO MUCH FREEPLAY,if you hit/moved the lever perch you've put too much slack in the system...get on and start it up like yu normally would but with the trans in first or second,hold in the clutch lever and try to crank it...does it want to pull the bike/make it move??? Try it without sittin on it you'l feel it better,BTW,don't crank the starter for more than 5-8 sec. at a time,especially if this is your prob.,you'll burn it out with it trying to turn the whole driven sys.back to the wheel,listen for the starter to sound slower than normal...look at the clutch perch and where it mounts to the bar,does it look like it moved??? It won't need much.
If all of this doesn't reveal THEN go to your three basics air/fuel,compression,ignition...if your eng. was flooded you'd smell from the exhaust and see fuel from the overflow hoses! Does the bike roll FREELY when in gear and clutch disengaged? Compare between engaged and disengaged in one gear it should't want to turn the eng. or drag the tire,although all of this clutch diag. may take a very sensitive or learned feel,do it over and over you'll find it...
Wait wait wait,now you got me all mussed up!!!If it's got a hydraulic clutch,then moving it,from droppin the bike,shouldn't mean jack squat!You wouldn't need to adj. anything if it were cable actuated,you'd just loosen the perch and put it back to were it was.If it is hydraulic,you don't need to move anything:scratch:
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