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Tom From It Takes 2 Freestyle calls me today and Says hey your in the new Issue of Super Street Bike...

So I went and got a couple of copies and sure as shi* I am in it...

For only stunting for about 9 months.. I am hoping that this year will be a great year for aob.. I have been working my ass off on slow wheelies... and busting my ass...

I would just like to say thanks to everyone and all of our sposors who made this possible and who have stuck by our side...

I am not saying I am the best nor I am that great of a stunt rider... But I am putting 100% into it this year.... So thanks to everyone who helps and supports us!!!

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That's AWESOME MAN!!! Good for you and for puttin D-town, MI on the map!!!

I still can't wait to ride with you guys this year!!
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