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dual bore master cylinder...

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I've been looking into this, but its so dam expensive..

"AP Racing master Cylinders feature an adjustable leverage mechanism. This allows the rider to tailor braking forces. In addition, adjustability allows the user to use a multitude of calipers of varying sizes.
Available for super motard, dirt, and road race applications. In single or dual bore configurations (two separate masters; one lever).
Equal line pressure to each front caliper. Separate system ensures the rider can stop even in the event of a line or pad failure."

^from the site

anyway. i really like this idea for my fast bike (safe, great braking) and for my streetfighter (run two seperate lines cleanly instead of a big Y). the piece is 1200$! doesn anyone know if there is another manufacturer of such a thing? i really want to get one or two of em, but i cant afford that.
(pic is first one on link)
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929_RUI said:
so ummm...Roach? Larry G? you guys reading this??

haha. i dont know either of them, but i'd appreciate any input.

PM or email either or both of them, they are both pretty quick to get you an answer one way or another.
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