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Duc hatin'

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There's a lot of Ducati hating in here. :lol:

Ducs are badazz, pure and simple. There are always faster bikes and faster riders. Ferraris aren't the fastest cars on the planet, nor are they the most reliable. I can crush most of them on my jap bike, but that doesn't mean crap. It's still a mass produced jap bike that anyone with credit or cash can buy. :lol:

Ducs are the shat, but I'm not a big fan of harleys or the dentists that ride them.
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I'm sorta with Twisty... I can't afford one..but even if I could I don't think I'd get one... just not my thing.

Too much money for what you get and don't get. Not too mention the maintance regement... I'll stick with my Jap bike for at least a few more years...

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