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Duc hatin'

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There's a lot of Ducati hating in here. :lol:

Ducs are badazz, pure and simple. There are always faster bikes and faster riders. Ferraris aren't the fastest cars on the planet, nor are they the most reliable. I can crush most of them on my jap bike, but that doesn't mean crap. It's still a mass produced jap bike that anyone with credit or cash can buy. :lol:

Ducs are the shat, but I'm not a big fan of harleys or the dentists that ride them.
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Pigface1 said:
This is the only sport bike I'd take over the duc I think. :here:

The Benelli is a nice bike but if money was no object, I'd get this:

I've only seen one in all my years of being a motorcycle enthusiast.
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2FURYUS said:
That Mondial is one awesome looking bike....would love to get a test ride on one of those.....anybody got one? :D
At least the engines are something familiar to most mechanics and engine parts are easy to find. :dthumb:
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