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DISCACCIATI Rear Brake Kit: 749-999

Save over a pound of unsprung/rotational weight and reduce MOI with the smaller diameter rotor. Increase braking feel and performance with the Discacciati Lightweight Ducati rear brake Kit for dual sided Ducati swingarms at a reasonable price. The kit drops the caliper underneath the swingarm for a clean look.

Rear Brake kit system Includes:
* (FDR0033) Lightweight 4 piston Caliper machined from billet aluminum (Al7075)
* Sintered Pads
* Billet aluminum Caliper carrier (Al7075)
* Replaces the original 240mm rotor with a lightweight narrow band 200mm Racing Disc and bolts to reduce unsprung weight as well as less rotational mass by reducing the diameter of the rotor.

* Fren Tubo Stainless Brake line with adjustable fittings
* Mounting hardware

Sale Price: $699.00
List Price: $999.00
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