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Sometimes, a beautiful picture is worth more than 1000 words. We received this photo and the following press release from Ducati today. If you can afford this 999R, it would surely be a special machine. Here is Ducati's text:

In honor of James Toseland’s recent World Superbike Championship, Ducati is proud to offer a special edition 999R Fila.

To commemorate Ducati's 14 WSBK Championships and Toseland's recent victory, Ducati is offering a replica of the 2004 winning 999R Fila.

The 999R Fila is an exquisitely crafted machine built with the lightest materials and finest components found anywhere in the world. For information about ordering one of these limited edition bikes, please contact your local Ducati dealer. There will only be 75 of these motorcycles for sale in North America.

Technical Highlights:

Based on the 2004 999R
Full Fila/Ducati Corse WSBK graphics, preinstalled and clear-coated
Carbon fiber side and upper fairing
WSBK-inspired braced swingarm
Deep-sump, short-stroke 999R engine with 146 hp
Magnesium head covers and headlight support
Ohlins front fork with radial calipers, Ohlins rear shock, and Ohlins steering damper
Forged aluminum wheels
Price: $24,995 MSRP (USD)
999R Fila Styling
This model has the same design as the 999, but all the bodywork parts are formed from exotic carbon fiber. The choice of carbon fiber is part of the specific effort to reduce weight, which also led to the adoption of magnesium for several components, including the front headlight support. To finish off the exclusive design of the 999R Fila there is a limited edition numbered plate, affixed to the top triple clamp.

True to its racing inspired origins, the 999R Fila is fitted with the best possible components. The Marchesini wheels are made from forged aluminum alloy. This is the same process used in the production of racing wheels, creating a wheel of higher torsional rigidity and lower weight. The wheels on the 999R Fila 2004 weigh 3.2 kilos less than those of the 999 and 999S, and one kilo less than the previous R series model. This means a marked reduction in the un-sprung weight and the moment of inertia, which improves handling.

Like the wheels, the brake and suspension systems are top-of-the-line race quality products. The brake system consists of discs mounted further outward for better cooling, radial mounted four piston/four pad brake calipers, and brake master cylinders with an integrated reservoir. The rear shock absorber and fork are by Ohlins, adjustable for pre-load, plus rebound and compression damping. The 43- millimeter diameter fork stanchions have a titanium-nitride treatment for improved suspension. This model also comes equipped with a fully adjustable Ohlins steering damper.

The Testastretta engine fitted in the 999R Fila chassis is a racing inspired upgrade to the base model 999. Bore has been increased from 100mm to 104mm while stroke has been reduced from 63.5mm to 58mm At the same time, the compression ratio has been increased, from the 11.4:1 of the 999 and 999S to 12.3:1. The result of these changes is a power output of 139 Hp at 10,000 RPM with 80 ft-lbs of torque at 8,000 RPM. These results have been achieved while still utilizing a catalytic exhaust system in accordance with the Euro2 standard for street-legal motorcycles.

Type L-twin
Displacement 999cc
Bore & Stroke 104 x 58.8mm
Ratio 12.3:1
Power 146 hp @ 10000rpm
Torque 84 ft-lbs @ 8000 rpm
Fuel Injection Marelli electronic, 54mm throttle body
Exhaust Single steel muffler with catalytic
Emissions Euro2

Gearbox 6 speed
Ratio 1st 37/15, 2nd 30/17, 3rd 28/20, 4th 26/22, 5th 24/23, 6th 23/24
Primary Drive Straight-cut gears; ratio 1.84
Final Drive Chain; front sprocket 15, rear 36
Clutch Dry multiplate w/hydraulic control

Frame Tubular ALS450 steel trellis frame
Wheelbase 55.9 in / 1420 mm
Rake 23.5 - 24.5 degrees
Steering angle 28.5 right and left
Front Suspension Ohlins 43mm upside-down fully adjustable fork w/TiN treatment
Front wheel
travel 4.7 in / 120 mm
Front wheel 5 spoke Y light alloy forged 3.5 x 17
Front tire 120/70 ZR 17
Rear suspension Progressive linkage with fully adjustable Ohlins monoshock
Rear wheel travel 5.0 in / 128 mm
Rear wheel 5 spoke Y light alloy forged 5.5 x 17
Rear tire 190/50 ZR 17
Front brake 2 x 320mm semifloating discs, 4-piston 4-pad radial caliper
Rear brake 240mm disc, 2-piston caliper
Fuel capacity 15.5 l (3 l res.) / 4.1 gal (0.8 res.)
Ducati weight 432 lbs / 192 kg
Seat height 30.7 in / 780 mm
Max height 43.7 in / 1110 mm
Max length 82.5 in / 2095 mm

Instruments - LCD, speedometer, rev counter, high-beam indicator, turn signals, warning light for low oil pressure, fuel level, warning light for neutral, water temperature, immobilizer
Warranty 2 years, unlimited mileage
Versions One seat (Monoposto)

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Need4Speed750 said:
right in the wake of honda's special edition RR on the market...nice timing !!!

I Like it too!
What's the Honda going for $10 or $15k ????
No real comparison except the Honda faster on the top.

You already know I love the Duc's but I just cant see spending that much on something to collect dust.
I ride my Duc's!!!!! not just look at'em!

Oh Yea;
I'm back after some PC problems kept me off this sit and a few others :flush:
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