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Edwards and Rossi yellow yamahas artwork

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here is the yellow yamahas artwork i said i was working on :)

hope you like it

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snadamo said:
Wow man you have talent... :yikes: The only innacuracy is that Rossi should be in the front :wink:

Just kidding! But seriously, thats AWESOME :dthumb: . I cant tell what you used though. Pen, watercolors, oil? I dig it! Keep em coming!
he didnt win.. so :( .. lol .. but yeah its a VERY rare thing for me to draw ( someone in front of Rossi ), and its also a very rare thing for us all to see :wink:

i used markers and pastels like always.

Roach954 said:
As I have said before, you have some awesome talent. I know I have inquired about this before, but could you give us the prices on these to buy prints of these works from you? TIA
thank you :)

i cant give you the prices for these pieces because i dont sell these pieces at the moment :( . I only do custom artwork for clients, for example of their bike or car.. And drawings for myself such as this one. The reason is that most clients are either from US or UK or Australia, and im not in any of these countries... making prints myself and sending them would cost too much.. Im looking for someone who would be interested in printing and selling the motorsports artwork of mine and we'd split the $. When it will be possible to do this Ill definetly let you know. .. But if you want a personal work for you, visit my site and check the info.

thanks again


Grafixx01 said:
Yes, I too think that you should sell them. You got some talent man. :dthumb:
im trying :)
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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