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Edwards and Rossi yellow yamahas artwork

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here is the yellow yamahas artwork i said i was working on :)

hope you like it

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Wow man you have talent... :yikes: The only innacuracy is that Rossi should be in the front :wink:

Just kidding! But seriously, thats AWESOME :dthumb: . I cant tell what you used though. Pen, watercolors, oil? I dig it! Keep em coming!
SieG said:
he didnt win.. so :( .. lol .. but yeah its a VERY rare thing for me to draw ( someone in front of Rossi ), and its also a very rare thing for us all to see :wink:

i used markers and pastels like always.


yea it definitely was a different sight at Seca. All the more reason to draw it. I wanted to say you used pastels but in fear of looking more retarded than I am, I didnt. Nevertheless, awesome job. I am exited for this weekends festivities at Donnington.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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