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Eight helmets that failed 2004 DOT testing

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From the current Motorcyclist.

'Last year the two independent labs contracted to test helmets tested 42 models.
The eight that failed performance testing were:
MDS RC4 (for failure to adequately attenuate impact force)
Nexl 05 (for retention and penetration failures)
NXT 101 (for retention-system failures)
Rodia RF-2 Modular (for exceeding the single peak G limit)
Rodia RHD200 (for exceeding peak G three times and retention-system failures)
Rodia RHD500 (for retention-system failures)
Vemar VRX3 (for multiple penetration failures)
Zamp S-1 (for retention and penetration failures)'

Never heard of most of them, but beware.
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