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Elect leader with this record?

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Hmmm, it sort of sounds like you and your situation. :leaving: :lol:
ShanMan14 said:
And Mountain Bike. :hug:
Jules said:
Not trying to cause and argument here, but who wouldn't have done the same thing? When I was single I was with a lot of women, I drank a lot of beer, went out and did stupid stuff. If I had the money to invest in oil like he did, I'd try it. Then if my dad said that the prices are about to drop, I'd sell it. Drunk Driving ticket 30 years ago? Who cares? There's some things I agree with, like the Air Force career, but a lot of it is irrevelant, I think. Just my .02
Exactly. Besides, I'm sure Teddy felt he was looking into a mirror when he read that. :lol: :scratch:

Pot, meet kettle. :lol:
Pigface1 said:
jetskifast said:
Bet I pay 3 times taxs you pay ;) And thats with taking every tax break I can :dthumb:
Wow, you're soooooo cool. :lol: :loser:
jetskifast said:
:lol: Many ways to get around gift tax :dthumb:
Here, I'll fix your post for you.

"There are many ways to get around the gift tax. :dthumb: :lol: :loser:
Damn Pigface................ :lol: You could write a children's book, "How to NOT grow up like Jetski"! :lol:
Gas Man said:
The locks are coming... believe me! Just waiting to see if a warning will take!
:cheers: :angelhap:
bumblebee said:
They make you feel right at home...birds of a feather...
1 - 9 of 55 Posts
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