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Hey guys....Im planning on installing the following items in the upcoming year, Im not mechanically inclined & will have a pro do the installations.

My question b4 i start buying this stuff is, will I need to install some type of main board/controller to be able to run power to this stuff?

  • Acumen gear shift indicator
  • The Motocam rear view: camera systemThe Motocam
  • Nightstalker FX LED light kit


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The gear indicator is pretty easy.. especially if you have a "plug in" style. If not all you have to do is splice some wires. If thats the case... a service manual will help!

LED lights... real easy.. .just make sure you keep the wires clear of anything hot!

Motocam... I'm sure the same thing as the LED's... just watch where you run the wires.. get some zip ties!
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