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Exhaust sound clips..SWEET!!

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Over on the sport rider site..they've recorded a sound test of each exhaust manufacturer, and also a clip of their dyno run. Great reference tool.

Since Im in the market for a slip on for my Kat (and also just for fun :D ) I've been listening to all of em, Here's a few listed for ya:




Click here to check out the rest of em

What do you run on your bike? how do you like it? any experience with any of the other brands other than the mainstream names many riders use?
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Cool. I seem to get better results with headphones.
Well, those type of clips never really sound right!! I have a Micron and it sounds nothing like that on the road. Maybe close to that in my garage running it on the swing arm stand...LMAO
yeah their pretty cool...of course you cant get the full effect on a sound clip, but I saved one, and used it on my comp, inplace of the windows start chime.. :D
There cool to listen to but I have to agree with Gas Man. They really don't sound like that out riding. But it is fun to listen to at work and pi$$ off the ones around you with the sound up all the way. LOL :D
LOL One for each computer sound! Too bad they can't be downloaded into my cell phone, they'd be great ringtones!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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