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f/s 2002 zx6r

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Yo what up TWF, well i'm in Iraq right now serving my country and just wanted to say what's up. D'LITALIEN posted a thread for me about my bike 2002 Kawi ZX6R I'm asking 5,000$ for it. Well i will be back in like 3weeks :pat: so if anyone is interested the bike is in Vegas D'LITALIEN will be sending me pics of it probably this weekend coming up so I will post them when I get em. :dthumb: yo i and i cant wait to do this again :cheers:
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Hey man good luck with the selling of the bike.

:pat: Thanks alot for everything you guys are doing over there! :dthumb: I fully respect everything you guys are doing where ever you are, and the fact that you're doing it for the rest of us. :pat:
Here's some info from the other thread!

2002 Zx6r For Sale. Mods-flush Mounts, D&d Full System, 520 Chain Conversion(1 Down And Two Up), Metzeler Sportec M1's. Jacket And Helmet Included. $5000. Bike Is In Vegas. It's My Buddies Bike Who's In Iraq And He Wants To Sell It So He Can Get A New Body Zx Something(still Undecided). Any Questions Just Reply Here And I'll Get You The Answer. HERE IS A PICK OF THE STOCK BIKE...ALL OF THE DECALS ARE OFF AND EVERYTHING BUT THE SPOKES AND HUB OF THE WHEELS ARE CHROMED.
Shan or DJ.... maybe merge the threads... here's the other thread Click
kawirdr02 said:
yo thanks gas man right on yo this forum is by far the best i've been on.
No problem...glad I could help!!! :dthumb: :pat:
that's the bike that is in the backround of my pics in "which one should i get first". He one of my buddies. I like to through other people off like that somtimes.
Just be carefull....the mods/admin may not like it even if it is a buddy... :dthumb:
Good deal Clos.... oh and if I never mentioned it... WELCOME!
Maybe Shan should swap out the user id's!
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