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f/s 2002 zx6r

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Yo what up TWF, well i'm in Iraq right now serving my country and just wanted to say what's up. D'LITALIEN posted a thread for me about my bike 2002 Kawi ZX6R I'm asking 5,000$ for it. Well i will be back in like 3weeks :pat: so if anyone is interested the bike is in Vegas D'LITALIEN will be sending me pics of it probably this weekend coming up so I will post them when I get em. :dthumb: yo i and i cant wait to do this again :cheers:
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no doubt it sure has been a crazy experience and a weird culture shock but it has been fun overall i guess! hey gas man you think i should sell it to go with the new model or stick this one on the track? i'm even thinking about trying to trade it for that gsxr 1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yo thanks gas man right on yo this forum is by far the best i've been on.
kawi or gixxer?

yeah well see what happens with that i really dont what to do but i will just play it by ear. Maybe i will find a good deal on a new body style kawi since 05 are out. i love kawi :hug: and dont want to change but that gixxer is sounding nice and fast. i might just be going crazy right now maybe it's this Iraqi air or something :screwy:
haha go green or go home right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well maybe i will just hook my bike up so it will smoke that r6 that L'ITALIEN is riding hahahahaa well i will definetly keep you all updated even when i get back. Yo nice 636 by the way i'll post my bike pics when i get them. KAWI FOR LIFE
we'll see when i get back drok
Man i bought the bike used and it already had them polished but I like them i think it looks pretty good, remember my bike has been sitting for three months and looks like shyte the rims look pretty dirty. I use this stuff called mag chrome or something like that and after that they are blinging i have to do it like once a month though. It takes about 2 hours. hey if any body has any suggestions on things i can do to my bike let me know!
got the gears done, Brake lines are ordered, and still waiting to buy the dampner i was thinking more cosmetics wise maybe you guys can put me on to some tigh a$$ kawi websites.

:dthumb: right on man thanks I will check it out for sure. :seeya:
right back at you h to the izzzo
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