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F4i: 1, Deer: 0

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Just one of the billion reasons I don't like backroads. Unfortunately they're the only ones worth a ****. :(
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I had a near miss I never even knew about... was riding with a group of friends.. I was in the lead. I noticed that the other 3 all of the sudden backed way off, thought maybe they saw a cop or something so I slowed too.. Finally came to where we were headed, guy that was right behind me comes up all white lookin... says "Did you see that deer???" Never saw, but apparantley a big ol buck had dove out right behind me and sailed clear across the road, right between me and the guy behind...Missed takin me right off my bike by a foot or so they said... The guy behind me thought he hit a part of it, because there was a big whack on the front of his bike...

He hit part of it alright... ... the part that it leaves on the ground!!! :D He had crap alllllll over the front of his bike.. I tihnk the deer crapped right in mid air :lol:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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