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Favorite Rides: Post 'em here!

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I'm sure everyone has a favorite stretch of pavement, either for day trips or just a quick weekend ride. I'll start with two: Arizona is chock full, but if you're starting from the Phoenix area take either the 60 NW outta town up to Wickenburg, or the 260 heading NE up to Payson. Both routes have excellent scenery and some great switchbacks and sweepers heading up in to the hills. If you head up to Wickenburg, you can then make your way to Sedona, don't miss it! :cheers:

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Here's my favorite quickie, Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO. It's 4.6 miles, 56 curves, 7 hairpins, and 2,000 feet elevation gain. Double everything for coming back down, but going up is better.
jeeps84 said:
I would love to see a sat pic of that mountain.
Here's an aerial photo of the road and a copy of a newspaper clipping of a hill climb race they had in the 1950's before they installed guardrails I know I've gone up there in six minutes, without even crossing the centerline. The aerial photo has Lookout Mountain mislabled. It's pointing to a turnout that is only 3/4 of the way up. The actual top is just north of the dark reservoir shown on the bottom of the photo.
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