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feel wierd on my bike

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just got the bike totally together and i took a lil ride today .... man i feel wierd on it lol it feels GOOD but wierd i cant wait until my shift lever bracket comes in and i can shift threw gears lol i just stuck it in second and was riding around a lil
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Gas Man said:
:lol: Too funny JK! But seriously, you haven't been riding long enough for it to just feel normal after being off for a bit.
:iagree: and it will be better when you can start in first and shift as needed. :dthumb:
bumblebee said:
Enjoy it!!! Cause Da Man is comin' fo yo license!!! :lol:
:zowned: :lol:
ShanMan14 said:
Stuck in second? :lol: 2nd is better than nothing!
His shifter is broken. He just put it in gear to ride.
bumblebee said:
can't you put a vise grip or something on it?? :lol:
Don't give him any ideas to screw up his bike more. Vise grips would destroy the shaft and he thinks the shifter is expensive.
bumblebee said:
Duct tape... :here: Yeah! Duct tape...the universal Man tool!! Fix it with Duct tape
Dust Tape is useless with out Bailing Wire. :lol:
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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