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hey Guys is it only me?? or is there a case of Throttle Fever going around.....especially here in New England were we have to winterize our's time baby shake off that bike cover and start up that bad boy and scare the hell out of those spiders nesting in your exhaust........:yikes:
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:cheers: True that. Saturday test drove my Gixxer to see what the engine mods felt like.:yikes: MAN that was AWESOME!!! Prediction of rwhp is in the low 420's which I need to get used to before I really snap the throttle.:help:
:iagree: EBBS your day will come and when it does it will be like your going for your first ride.:drool:
:readng: I am checking my calender and it seems it will be the first weekend in April.......It's going to be a long ride throught the White Mountains of New Hampshire by the back roads but for know nothing is set in stone.
All are welcomed to come.:iagree:
They were still working in it since September. I dont know of they are done with it as we speak.:skep:
It is a nice ride but not for me......I have to much invested in my machine.:sorry:
No its asphalted but no barriers on the side that will keep you from fallin right down the side of the mountain. The winds are furious. You get to the summit and the weather drops a easy 30+ degrees and that w/o the wind chill factor. Coming down it's all brakes and downshifting. NO WAY.:yikes:
:yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
Well, you know better than I.:iagree:
True that.:iagree:
:cheers: True that...:dthumb:
Spring is here and it's time to ride......:cheers: :drool:
We in MA are going to have temps in the upper fifties to lower sixties all week.:cheers:
:bash: Im waiting on my new exhaust.:tt:
:wink: Maybe but I can wait a week. Can you?
We must scope out the loctions for the meetings we are going to have for the Laconia Run.:readng:
Thats a little to far away dont you think?:tt:
How about sunday mornings...:wink:
:readng: Hey Bullitt, when I was working on the Nova at AIRBRUSH, SIN and I with POPS were swarmed by 34 of NEW people who came wanting to know about THE KRU. CYCLOPS led this feild of bikes on his Ninja. They are out there spreading our name.:dthumb: :dthumb:
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